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Welding Technology (Code 257)


Welding is a process of joining two or more parts of metal. It provides a permanent joint. Most of the materials can be welded by one process or the other. Welding is comparatively a new comer amongest the fabrication processes. Though there are a number of well-established welding processes but arc welding with coated electrodes is still the most popular welding process in all over the world.
Arc welding in its present form started in 1880's however, the demand for large scale production of heavy items like ships, pressure vessels, construction of bridges etc. provided the necessary impetus for welding to come of age.
Welding processes widely used in the industry include Oxy-acetylene as manual metal arc required welding.


After going through this course the student will be able to:
understand Gas and Arc Welding processes to join metal pieces for various applications in industry.
carry out skillfully Gas and Arc Welding Processes to join materials for different applications in Industry.

Job Oppurtunities

The pass outs of this programme have ample scope for self employment, as there is sufficient market demand for trained and skilled technicians in Gas and Arc Welding. They can also get wage employment as welder in private and government sector industries, Research & Development Organisations, Defence Sector, I.T.I.s and Vocational Training Institutes etc.

Course duration

One Year

Scheme of study

Theory - 40%, Practical - 60%

Entry Qualification

Class 8th Pass

Scheme of Evaluation

Maximum Weightage in Theory-30% Time - 2 hours
Maximum Weightage in Practical-70% Time - 3 hours
Passing Criteria - 33% aggrigate in Public Examination in secondary level or Grade 'E' as for independent vocational course or Grade 'G' when combined with academic stream.

Course Content

  • Importance of Welding and its application in industry and rural areas. Safety in manual Metal Arc Welding. Safety in Oxy-Acetylene welding and cutting. Elementary knowledge of working & measuring tools.
  • Gas and Arc welding equipment, their uses, care and maintenance.
  • Different processes of metal joint - bolting, rivetting, soldering, brazing and welding.
  • Oxy-Acetylene welding and cutting equipment and their application
  • Common gases used for Welding - Oxygen, Hydrogen and Acetylene. Type of Oxy-Acetylene flames their Setting and uses. Various gas combinations, flame temperatures and their uses.
  • Types of welding joints - Explanation with simple sketches
  • Acetylene - its properties and dissolved Acetylene in cylinder
  • Oxygen - its properties and Oxygen cylinders, Safety precautions in handling cylinders.
  • Regulators and Welding blow pipes, types, construction and uses.
  • Defects in Gas and Arc welding.
  • Welding of Aluminium, Flame and angle of blow pipe, Filler rod and Flux.
  • Welding of dissimilar metals, Flame setting, use of filler rod and flux, Precautions.
  • Different flame cutting equipment, manual and machines, Flame setting for Mild Steel. Precautions to be observed during cutting.
  • Different Arc Welding processes.
  • Polarity and its importance in Arc Welding and its application.
  • Welding positions - Flat, Horizontal, Vertical and Overhead.
  • Electrodes, Types of Flux coating, Precautions in handling & storage of electrodes.
  • Cast Iron - its properties and welding.
  • Copper - its properties and welding
  • Inspection and testing of welds, Destructive and Non Destructive tests.
  • Introduction to Advance Welding methods
    • Submerged Arc Welding
    • Tungsten Insert Gas Welding
    • CO2 Welding
    • Electron Beam Welding
    • Friction Welding
    • Arc Brazer
    • Thermal welding
    • Resistance welding

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