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Media Unit/Telecast

One of the major activities of the NIOS is to make use of modern means of Communication and Educational Technology in distance Education. Audio and Video programmes are significant components of the multi-media packages offered by NIOS for its various courses of study. The audio/video programmes supplement and complement the other modes of learning such as printed self learning materials and personal contact programmes.

Functions of Media Unit are as follows:

  • Production of Audio/Video programmes for NIOS learners.
  • Broadcast and Telecast of Audio/Video programmes on different channels.
  • To produce Audio/Video Spots for publicity purposes.
  • To produce Multimedia programmes for NIOS learners.
  • Duplication of Audio/Video programmes to Audio CDs, VCDs etc., to enrich and reinforce the subject matter given in the study material, provided to the NIOS learners.
  • Video coverage of important functions/seminars, workshops, etc.
  • NIOS is planning to setup a Media centre i.e. Audio and Video studio facilities for in-house productions and a Community Radio station in its H.Q.
  • A 24 X 7 Educational Channel is likely to be started in near future. NIOS in collaboration with CIET, NCERT will jointly run this channel. NIOS Video programmes would be telecast on this channel.

The Media Unit, NIOS ensures an academic perspective along with the technical responsibilities of production of audio and video programmes, which are one of the most important components of the multi-channel package offered by the NIOS. These audio and video programmes both supplement and complement the other channels of learning: i.e. printed self-learning materials and personal contact programmes. Most of the programmes, except for the language courses (Hindi, English, Urdu), have been produced both in English and Hindi Version. Using documentary, docu-drama and other interesting formats, these programmes attempt to present the topic/theme in a simple, interesting and engaging manner, so that the learners get a clear understanding and insight into the subject matter.

The video programmes are being telecast on DD-I from 05.02 a.m. to 05.25 a.m. on every Friday and on Educational Channel - Gyan Darshan on every day from 6.30 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. The audio-video cassettes are also sent to AIs, AVIs, SAIEDs and Regional Centers of NIOS. Till date NIOS has produced following audio and video programmes for its learners.

Most of the above audio and video programmes are now available on audio cassettes and VCDs for sale @ Rs.40/- per audio cassette and @ Rs.100/- per VCD. A list of audio/video programmes available for sale is given for sending requisition for these programmes to The Incharge, Price Publication Unit, National Institute of Open Schooling, G.T Karnal Road, Opp. Bank Colony, Rana Pratap Bagh, Delhi 110033 by sending a bank draft in favour of the Secretary, National Institute of Open Schooling, NOIDA on the requisition form.

The Incharge, Price Publication Unit,
National Institute of Open Schooling,
G.T. Karnal Road, Opp. Bank Colony,
Rana Pratap Bagh, Delhi-110033.

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