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Housekeeping (Code 356)


While the course may be used by a lay person for personal enrichment, it has been felt that there is a growing demand for trained housekeeping personnel who can give a professional touch to housekeeping wherever they work in hotels, guest houses, hospitals, offices, shopping complex resorts, etc. This course will enable all learners to give that professional edge to their housekeeping skills.


After reading through this course, the students will be able to: Appreciate that housekeeping needs professionals like any other area;
Develop various housekeeping skills like cleaning, laundary, special cleaning, spring cleaning, etc;
Develop a sense of art while doing interior decoration;
Develop skils in managing a small enterprise.

Job Oppurtunities

1. Self employment: As owner of a housekeeping firm, As owner of a small guest house
2. Wage employment: As a worker in a housekeeping firm.

Entry Qualification

Education : Class X pass

Course Duration

One Year. The credit can be transfered against any one academic course.

Scheme of Evaluation

Internal assessment: NA
External examination % Age Marks
1. Theory 40 60
2. Practical 60 60

Passing Criteria

Separate Pass 33% marks in Theory and Practical seperately are necessary.

Course Contents (Syllabus)


  • Importance of Housekeeping department.
  • Organization chart and functions of housekeeping.
  • Personal grooming and etiquette.
  • Cleaning, cleaning material and equipment.
  • Laundry in a house keeping unit.
  • Requirements, types, maintenance and distribution of linen.
  • Personal hygiene and clothing.
  • Collection and disposal of wastes.
  • Elemens and principles of Art.
  • Colour and its usein different rooms.
  • Space organization furniture, furnishing, accessories and lighting.
  • Flower arrangement, floor decoration and indoor plants.
  • Maintenance of premises
    1. Plumbing
    2. Electrical
  • Pest control and eradication.
  • Environmental hygiene and sanitation.
  • Record keeping.


  • Visit to establishment to get familiar with the role of housekeeping.
  • Make a list of activities which a house keeper must look after in any establishment.
  • Prepare a report on job specification and description of various house-keeping personnel .
  • To talk to various establishment care takers/housekeeping/workers to find - out details of their duties responsibilities and the problems.
  • State and list the requirement for a cleaning unit or laundry unit attached to an establishment.
  • Laundering of different types of fabrics and linen.
  • Maintaining records and stock registers for consumables and non consumables, expenditure.
  • Observe neighbors and list their problems due to neglect of personal hygiene.
  • Visit hospitals/clinics and list the disease caused due to neglect of personal hygiene.
  • List the activities necessary for maintaining good personal hygiene Observe five people and administer a questionnaire and give suggestions.
  • Prepare a first aid box.
  • Learn to operate fire extinguishers and to report any emergency.
  • Practice various means of eradication of pests like cocroaches, mosquitoes, white ants etc.
  • Make a scrap book with cutting from magazines regarding furniture arrangement.
  • Make a colour wheel and colour schemes.
  • Visit showrooms, hotels, guest houses, houses and observe the following.
    1. Furniture arrangement
    2. Furnishing
    3. Accessories
    4. Lighting
    5. Floor covering
    6. Indoor plants etc.
  • Make flower arrangements using fresh flowers, dry twigs, foliage and try to arrange them at home every day.
  • Prepare designs and make rangolis for various occasions and areas.
  • Practice simple home repairs such as replacing washers, fuse, plugs, and bulbs.
  • Clean and polish floors and floor covering.

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