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Bakery and Confectionery (Code 256)


It is a great delight to be able to bake delicious cakes and pastries. All it needs is a bit of skill and training to be able to do this. Baking is an art which does not need a lot of heavy infrastructure and one can easily start earning with a small unit at home.


After going through this course, the students will be able to:
develop skill in various baking procedures;
know various kinds of ingredients used in baking;
have working knowledge of equipments needed for baking;
start a small bakery unit at home.

Job Oppurtunities

Self employment : set up a bakery at home
Wage employment : as a worker / baker in a bakery.

Course Duration

One Year. The credit now be transfered as against any one academic course.

Scheme of Study

Theory - 40%, Practical - 60%

Entry Qualification

Education : VIIIth class pass / self certificate
Age : 15 years

Scheme of Evaluation

Internal assessment: NA
External examination: Total marks - 100

Passing Criteria

Combined pass in Theory and Practical (33%). If candidate fails in Theory but passes in practical, the pass credit of practical will be accumulated.


  1. Ingredients
    • Classification-perishables, Market survey of euipment & Equipments Non persishables, Semi-persishable.
    • Selection, storage (hygiene) use
    • Equipment
  2. Biscuits
    • Classification Baking various types of biscuits.
    • Basic procedure in production.
    • Types of biscuits: Salted, Ice-Box, Piping, Rolling, Macroons, Tarts,
  3. Cakes
    • Classification Baking cakes.
    • Basic procedure - useful tips.
    • Faults in baking cakes - identification and rectification.
    • Decorative, Non-decorative.
  4. Icing
    • Classification Preparing and applying various types of Icing.
    • Basic Procedure.
    • Tools and Equipments.
  5. Pastries
    • Flaky and Puff Preparing various mixtures,types of pastes and mixtures.
    • Items
      -Patties, Vol-au-vont
      -Khara Biscuits, Cheese straws
    • Choux
      -Eclairs, Cream Rolls
      -Profit Rolls
  6. Breads
    • Classification Baking danion pastry breads, Bread Rolls
    • Basic Procedures
    • Variations of Bread
  7. Danish
    • Classification Banking danish pastry Crossont: and croissonts
    • Basic Procedures
      -Danish; Cinnamon
  8. Accounting Procedures
    • Purchasing and sales Maintaining accounts procedure in a unit
    • Maintenance of accounts
      -journal, leadzer
      -subsidiary books
      -final accounts etc.
    • Calculation of
      -selling & cost price, calculating selling price, gross profit, net profit.
      -gross & net profit
      -taxes, debit notes preparing a simple
      -preparing invoices statement of account.

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