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NIOS Staff List

As on  05-10-2023


S. No. Name Designation Department
1 Prof. Saroj Sharma Chairperson Chairperson Office (CPO)
2 Dr. Rajiv Kumar Singh Secretary (Additional Charge) Administration
3 Dr. Rajiv Kumar Singh Director (Academic) Academic
4 Shri S. Vijaya Kumar Director (SSS) Student Support Services
5 Sh. Karnail Singh Director (Evaluation) Evaluation
6 Lt. Col. Kailash Bansal Director (Vocational Education) Vocational Education
7 Dr. Mamta Srivastava Joint Director (Acad.) Vocational Education
8 Shri K.L Gupta Joint Director (Admn.) Administration
9 Dr. Manju Gupta Joint Director (Acad) Administration
10 Dr. T.N.Giri Joint Director (Acad)  On Deputation
- -- Joint Director (Media) Media
11 Sh. V. Santhanam Deputy Director (Admn.) RC Chennai
12 Sh. Parampreet Singh Deputy Director (Admn.) RC Dharamshala
13 Smt. Sheela Ravi Deputy Director (Admn.) RC Jammu
14 Smt. Priya Gupta Deputy Director (Admn.) Administration
15 Sh. Gurdev Singh Deputy Director (Admn.) Administration
16 Sh. Rajesh Gautam Deputy Director (Admn.) RC Guwahati
17 Sh. Hardeep Singh Deputy Director (Admn.) RC Raipur
18 Sh. Aditi Ranjan Rout Deputy Director (Acad.) Evaluation
19 Sh. Manoj Kumar Jain Deputy Director (Acad.) Student Support Services
20 -- Deputy Director (Acad.) Academic
21 Dr. Rachna Bhatia Deputy Director (Acad.) Student Support Services
22 Dr. Kaushalya Barik Deputy Director (Acad.) Vocational Education
23 Smt. Anitha Nair Deputy Director (Acad.) Vocational Education
24 Sh. S.S.Das Deputy Director (Acad.) On Deputation to CBSE
25 Dr. B.K.Rai Deputy Director (Acad.)  Acaemic
26 Smt. Tarun Deputy Director (Acad.)  Acaemic
27 Smt. Neena Golani Deputy Director (Admn.)  RC Delhi
28 Dr. Piyush Prasad Deputy Director (Admn.)  RC Prayagraj
29 Ms. Radhika B Deputy Director (Acad.)  Administration
30 Sh. Shiv Kumar Panda Deputy Director (Accts) (Dept) Administration
31 Sh. D.N.Upreti Publication Officer RC Vishakhapatnam
32 Sh. Naveen Bhatia System Analyst & Programmer (SA/P) Computer Unit
33 Sh. Aaditya Kumar Assistant Director (Admn.) Administration
34 Sh. S. Mahendran Assistant Director (Admn.) RC Chandigarh
35 Sh. M.P. Saha Assistant Director (Admn.) RC Pune
36 Sh. P. Subrahmanyam Assistant Director (Admn.) RC Hyderabad
37 Sh. G.R.Sahoo Assistant Director (Admn.) RC Bhubaneshwar
38 Sh. D.P.Narayan Assistant Director (Admn.) RC Patna
39 Sh. Bipan Singh Mahara Assistant Director (Admn.) Administration
40 Sh. S.K.Pandey Assistant Director (Admn.) RC Bhopal
41 Sh. R.Baskar Assistant Director (Admn.) Administration
42 Sh. V. Swaminathan Assistant Director (Admn.) RC Bengaluru
43 Sh. Ravinder Kumar Assistant Director (Admn.) RC Gangtok
44 Sh. Surjeet Kumar Assistant Director (Admn.) Administration
45 Dr. Alok Kumar Gupta Assistant Director (Acad.) CBC
46 Dr. S.R.Khan Assistant Director (Acad.) Academic
47 Dr. Manish Chugh Assistant Director (Acad.) Administration
48 Dr. Rajeev Prasad Assistant Director (Acad.) RC Ranchi
49 Dr. Chunnu Prasad Assistant Director (Acad.) RC Raipur
50 Ms. Shivali Chawla Assistant Director (Acad.) CBC
51 Dr. R.N.Meena Assistant Director (Acad.) Academic
52 Dr. Praveen Chauhan Assistant Director (Acad.) Vocational Education
53 Shri V. Sathish Assistant Director (Acad.) Evaluation
54 Dr. Saumya Rajan Assistant Director (Acad.) RC Gandhi Nagar
55 Dr. Azmat Noori Assistant Director (Acad.) Academic
56 Dr. Neelima Pant Assistant Director (Acad.) Vocational Education
57 Dr. R.K.Nayak Assistant Director (Acad.) RC Kolkata
58 Dr. Manoj Kumar Thakur Assistant Director (CBC) RC Kochi
59 Smt. Rambha Kumari Accounts Officer (Deputation) Administration
60 Dr. Sanghmitra Suryapani Academic Officer (Biology) Academic
61 Dr. Monika Kadiyan Academic Officer (Hindi) Academic
62 Ms. Anshul Kharbanda Academic Officer (Accountancy) Academic
63 Sh. Partha Sarathi Ghorai Academic Officer (Agriculture) Academic
64 Sh. Jagjeet Singh Academic Officer (Defence Studies) Academic
65 Sh. Sharvan Kumar Pandyala Academic Officer (Fine Art) Academic
66 Ms. Umang Chauhan Academic Officer (Home Science) Academic
67 Sh. Avinash Chaudhary Academic Officer (Linguistics) Academic
68 Ms. Alankriti Sharma Academic Officer (Psychology) Academic
69 Sh. Anand Kumar Academic Officer (Sanskrit) Academic
70 Sh. Aalok Kumar Academic Officer (Social Science)  Academic
71 Sh. Ankit Bhatt Academic Officer (Yoga) Academic
72 Ms. Atreyee Singh Academic Officer (English)  Academic
73 Sh. Devant Brahm Shah Academic Officer (Special Education ) Academic
74 Sh. Aashish Sodi Acdemic Officer (Science) Academic
75 Ms. Anchal Goswami Academic Officer (ICT) Vocational Education
76 Dr. Avinash Tripathi Academic Officer (Mass Communication) Academic
77 Ms. Alka Singh Research & Evaluation Officer REO
78 Shri Chanchal Kumar Singh Training Officer (Language) Administration
79 Dr. Kanchan Bala Kachroo Training Officer (Education) CBC
80 Shri Pramod Kumar Tripathi Training Officer (Computer/IT) RC Jammu
81 Shri Suraj Kumar Maurya Training Officer (Humanities) RC Bhopal
82 Shri Naipal Singh Librarian Evaluation / ODE
83 Shri Dilipraj V. Nandanwar Section Officer RC Pune
84 Smt. Nishu Saini Section Officer Evaluation
85 Shri L.N.Rastogi Section Officer Evaluation
86 Sh. Sanjay Kumar Section Officer RC Gangtok
87 Shri S.K.Limone Section Officer Students Supprt Services
88 Shri Mukesh Kumar Section Officer Administration
89 Shri Pradeep Kumar Section Officer Evaluation
90 Smt. Kiran Sihmar Section Officer RC Delhi
91 Shri Bikram Keshari Rout Section Officer Administration
92 Shri K.Srinivas Section Officer Evaluation
93 Smt. Yashoda Prasad Section Officer Students Supprt Services
94 Shri Brijesh Singh Section Officer Administration
95 Shri Virender Kumar Section Officer Evaluation
96 Smt. Anu Nagpal Section Officer RC Delhi
97 Smt. Sunita Rani Section Officer RC Jaipur
98 Smt. Jacinta Barva Section Officer Student Support Services
99 Sh. Naveen Nehara Assistant Engineer (Civil) Administration
100 Smt. Sarvesh Kumari Hindi Officer  Administration
101 Smt. Bhupinder Kaur PS to Chairman Student Support Services
102 Smt. Anita Dhingra Superintendent Student Support Services
103 Sh. Dayal Singh Rawat Superintendent RC Delhi
104 Ms. Rinku Rohilla Superintendent Evaluation
105 Shri Sunil Kumar Dhyani Superintendent Student Support Services
106 Smt. Rekha Ahuja Superintendent Evaluation
107 Sh. Karamjit Singh Superintendent RC Vishakhapatnam
108 Smt. Urmila Kala Superintendent Administration
109 Smt. Harbhajan Kaur Superintendent RC Dharamshala
110 Smt. Hemlata Jiwal Superintendent RC Delhi
111 Smt. Geeta Kumari Superintendent Evaluation
112 Smt. Vatsala Atri Personal Assistant Chairperson Office (CPO)
113 Smt. Kamaljeet Kaur Personal Assistant Academic
114 Shri Ram Prasad Technical Assistant Administration
115 Smt. Sheeja Biju Technical Assistant Administration
116 Shri Pramod Srivastava EDP Supervisor RC Guwahati
117 Shri Deepak Gola EDP Supervisor RC Bhopal
118 Smt. Sonika Tyagi EDP Supervisor Chairperson Office (CPO)
119 Shri Neeraj Kumar Agrahari EDP Supervisor RC Chandigarh
120 Shri Aluru Lokesh Kumar EDP Supervisor RC Bengaluru
121 Shri Keshab Kumar Singh EDP Supervisor RC Jaipur
122 Shri Amit Kalyan Tiru EDP Supervisor RC Delhi
123 Shri Amit Kumar EDP Supervisor Evaluation
124 Shri Manak Chand Sogra EDP Supervisor RC Gandhi Nagar
125 Shri Sunish Kumar Singhal EDP Supervisor Evaluation
126 Shri Vikas EDP Supervisor Evaluation
127 Shri Anuj Kumar EDP Supervisor Computer Unit
128 Shri Sanjay Kumar EDP Supervisor RC Patna
129 Shri Brabulin J. Machij EDP Supervisor RC Kochi
130 Shri Kuldeep Singh EDP Supervisor RC Dehradun
131 Smt. Manju Churungu Assistant Librarian Academic
132 Shri R. Srinivas Rao Editor (Media) Media
133 Shri Vinod Kumar Upadhyay Cameraman (Media) Media
134 Shri Indra Jit Singh Production Assistant (Media) Media
135 Sh. Sudershan Singh Assistant RC Dehradun
136 Smt. Anita Rani Assistant Administration
137 Sh. Satnarayan Assistant RC Bhopal
138 Smt. Geeta Kandpal Assistant Administration
139 Smt. Rupa Kanojia Assistant RC Delhi
140 Smt. Sunita Meena Assistant Student Support Services
141 Sh. Subhash Sharma Assistant Administration
142 Sh. Gurpreet Singh Anand Assistant Administration
143 Sh. Raj Kumar Assistant Student Support Services
144 Sh. Ashok Kumar Assistant RC Chennai
145 Sh. Joginder Singh Assistant RC Jammu
146 Sh. Surender Rana Assistant Administration
147 Sh. Ramesh Kumar Assistant RC Bhubaneshwar
148 Sh. Banwari Lal Assistant RC Delhi
149 Smt. Sunita  Assistant Computer Unit
150 Smt. Shaila Assistant Administration
151 Sh. Dinesh Kumar Chakarvarti Assistant Evaluation
152 Sh. Rakesh Kumar Assistant Administration
153 Sh. Mukesh Kumar Assistant Administration
154 Sh. Raj Kumar Assistant RC Bhopal
155 Sh. Ajit Singh Arya Assistant Computer Unit
156 Sh. Om Prakash Assistant Administration
157 Sh. Pankaj Bhayana Assistant RC Chandigarh
158 Sh. Suraj Kumar Singh Assistant RC Bhubaneshwar
159 Sh. Mukesh Rawat Assistant Administration
160 Sh. Padam Bahadur Rawat Assistant RC Dehradun
161 Sh. Virendra Kumar Sharma Assistant RC Jaipur
162 Sh. Sushil Kumar Verma Assistant Administration
163 Sh. Hitesh Kumar Dixit Assistant RC Prayagraj
164 Sh. Surendra Kumar Assistant RC Pune
165 Sh. Rajesh Verma Assistant Evaluation
166 Sh. Shailendra Kr Srivastava Assistant Student Support Services
167 Sh. Vinayak Ranade Assistant RC Kochi
168 Smt. Sneh Lata Assistant Administration
169 Sh. Ravi Kumar Assistant RC Chandigarh
170 Sh. Santanu Sinha Assistant RC Gangtok
171 Sh. S. Narsimha Raju Assistant RC Hyderabad
172 Sh. Pankaj Kumar Assistant Administration
173 Sh. Rajesh Kumar Sinha Assistant RC Prayagraj
174 Sh. Sushil Kumar Assistant Administration
175 Sh. Avkash Prashar Assistant Administration
176 Ms. Priya Bharti Assistant RC Kolkata
177 Sh. Vijay Kumar Mehto Assistant Evaluation
178 Sh. Satish Kumar Assistant RC Dehradun
179 Sh. Alok Kumar Chandra Assistant RC Patna
180 Sh.Sumit Kataria Assistant RC Kolkata
181 Sh. Ravi Ranjan Kumar Assistant Administration
182 Sh. Krishan Kumar Assistant RC Pune
183 Sh. Anuj Gupta Assistant RC Delhi
184 Sh. Surender Manjhi Assistant RC Ranchi
185 Sh. Suman Moyong Assistant RC Guwahati
186 Sh. Lenthang David Khongsai Assistant RC Guwahati
187 Sh. Randhir Kumar Assistant RC Kolkata
188 Sh. Sundeep Assistant RC Gandhi Nagar
189 Sh. Shankar Singh Assistant RC Dharamshala
190 Sh. Agapit Toppo Assistant RC Ranchi
191 Sh. Dinesh Kumar Assistant RC Jaipur
192 Shri Manoj Chhapola Assistant RC Jaipur
193 Ms. Jagriti Yadav Assistant RC Delhi
194 Sh. Mitul Kumar Prajapati  Assistant RC Dharamshala
195 Smt. Sweety Bangia Internal/Junior Auditor RC Delhi
196 Sh. Amit Kumar Internal/Junior Auditor Administration
197 Ms. Anjanee Kumari Stenographer Administration
198 Shri Prem Sagar Stenographer CPO
199 Ms. Dimple Goel Stenographer Evaluation
200 Sh. Pankaj Stenographer Evaluation
201 Shri Ashok Kumar Rohilla Librarian Assistant Academic
202 Sh. Arun Kujur Junior Assistant RC Raipur
203 Smt. Nazia Parveen Assistant Administration
204 Smt. Rama Sundri Assistant RC Dehradun
205 Smt. Barkha Rajput Assistant Administration
206 Shri Prashant Saroha Assistant RC Delhi
207 Shri Ashok Kumar Parmar Junior Assistant RC Gandhi Nagar
208 Ms. Loveleen Khanna Junior Assistant Evaluation
209 Shri Surender Singh Junior Assistant Administration
210 Shri S. Baskar Junior Assistant RC Bengaluru
211 Smt. Ramvati Junior Assistant RC Delhi
212 Sh. Raj Chaurasiya Junior Assistant RC Prayagraj
213 Sh. Tikam Ram Junior Assistant RC Jaipur
214 Sh. Sachin Sharma Junior Assistant RC Dehradun
215 Sh. Sonu Kumar Junior Assistant Administration
216 Sh. Yash Raj Verma Junior Assistant Administration
217 Sh. Anshumal Kunal Junior Assistant RC Ranchi
218 Sh. Ajay Rawat Junior Assistant Administration
219 Sh. Chandraveer Singh Junior Assistant RC Gandhi Nagar
220 -- Junior Assistant RC Kolkata
221 Sh. Deepak Kumar Singh Junior Assistant RC Gangtok
222 Sh. Anuj Tomar Junior Assistant RC Dharamshala
223 Sh. Gaurav Kumar Verma Junior Assistant RC Bhopal
224 -- Junior Assistant Administration
225 Sh. Khemraj Jangid Junior Assistant RC Gandhi Nagar
226 Sh. Pintu Kumar Junior Assistant RC Raipur
227 Sh. Sandip Kumar Junior Assistant RC Bhubaneshwar
228 Sh. Digambar Arya Junior Assistant RC Dehradun
229 Sh. Suyog Eknath Padmere Junior Assistant RC Pune
230 Shri Shivam Kaushik Junior Assistant RC Kochi
231 Shri Sachin Kumar Junior Assistant RC Jammu
232 Ms. Mona Kumari Junior Assistant RC Hyderabad
233 Ms. Kriti Yadav Junior Assistant RC Chandigarh
234 Shri Ramavtar Junior Assistant RC Bengaluru
235 Shri Prabhat Kumar Vimal Junior Assistant RC Prayagraj
236 Shri Dikshant Kumar Bisht Junior Assistant RC Kochi
237 Shri Harshit Saxena Junior Assistant RC Chennai
238 Shri Anoop Kumar Gupta Junior Assistant RC Kolkata
239 Shri Nitesh Kumar Meglani Junior Assistant RC Chandigarh
240 Shri Anand Raman Junior Assistant RC Guwahati
241 Shri Aaditya Kumar  Junior Assistant RC Guwahati
242 Shri Mathew John Electrician Administration
243 Shri Ram Kumar Staff Car Driver Chairperson Office (CPO)
244 Shri Suresh Kumar Staff Car Driver Administration
245 Shri Jugal Kishore Virmani Photocopier Operator Administration
246 Shri Madan Pal Singh MTS Evaluation
247 Shri Raj Singh-I MTS Student Support Services
248 Shri Raj Singh-II MTS Administration
249 Shri Jaipal Singh MTS Student Support Services
250 Shri Vinod Kumar MTS Administration
251 Shri Devi Singh MTS Academic
252 Shri S.Sathiah MTS Administration
253 Shri Amresh Mali Administration

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