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Brief Profile

Dr _sukanta _kumar _mahapatra


Designation : Assistant Director (Academic)

Department : Academic

Room No.:  308

Office Phone : 0120-4626947
E-mail : sukantamahapatra[at]nios[dot]ac[dot]in
Personal Webpage :


  • M.A. (Sociology), M.A.(Edn.),B.Ed., M. Phil., Ph.D., UGC(NET) Certificate in Designing and Facilitating E-Learning from Open Polytechnic of New Zealand

Areas of Interest/Specialization

  • Teacher Education, Inclusive Education and Development, Deaf Enabled Education, Open Schooling and Academic facilitation, Sociology of Education, Media and Technology, E-learning, Gender and Society, Capacity Building


  • Worked as Academic Officer( Sociology) in National Institute of Open Schooling(NIOS) since 15th September 2011
  • Working as Assistant Director(Academic) in National Institute of Open Schooling(NIOS) since 17th December 2018

Contribution to NIOS in last one year

  • Coordinator of MOOCs in Sociology in Swayam Platform
  • Recorded 22 videos and 15 audio programmes in Sociology
  • Coordinator of the course on Gender Studies at Senior Secondary level
  •            (1st review of 20 lessons completed, 2nd review of 15 lessons done)
  • Contributed one chapter on "Gender Perspective in Education" for Course on Gender Studies at Senior Secondary Level
  • Coordinated for development of Sign Language Video at Secondary level 
    • Till January 2019, about 180 videos recorded, out of which120 videos edited and uploaded in 7 subjects
    • (English, Hindi, Home Science, Social Sciences, Data Entry Operation, Painting and Indian Culture Heritage) and more videos to be added.)
  • Coordinated for development of Indian Sign Language Dictionary (38 Videos of 1500 words developed and uploaded)
  • Coordinator of Swayamprabha Gyanamrit 30 Channel
  • Coordinated Workshop on Indian Sign Language and Billingual Education on 26th September 2018 in collaboration with ISLRTC, MSJE, Govt. of India.
  • Submitted the write up on Education of Divyang Learners for news item.
  • Development of advocacy materials (Brochure) for Education of Divynags
  • Facilitated in preparing the application for UNESCO Awards in the field of education of Deaf Learners.
  • Development of Audio and Video Programme in Sociology at Senior Secondary Level
  • Prepared the coffee table book on NIOS (Publication in process)
  • Contributed in answering Parliamentary questions.
  • Worked as Head of the Flying Squad for the Public Examination of NIOS for April-May 2018 and October-November 2018

Awards and Honors

  • Bharat Jyoti Award in 2013 by International Friendship Society, New Delhi
  • MHRD-Junior Research Fellowship from the year 2008-10 funded by Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India New Delhi
  • Attended National Round Interview in 2007 for Ford Foundation International Fellowship Programme
  • O.P. Lamba Scholarship Award in 2005-07 funded by a Canada based Organisation for securing First Rank in Utkal University(PG Entrance Test) at the post graduation stage
  • Radhanath Rath Scholarship Award in the year 2006 funded by Samaj -an Odia Delhi as a Merit Scholarship during Post-Graduation Stage
  • 2000-03.National Merit Scholarship, Funded by Department of Higher Education, Government of Orissa

Publication, if any


  • (2014) ICT in Education: Perspectives on Open Distance Learning. Shipra Publication. New Delhi ISBN: 978-81-7541-725-0 (With Co-authors- S.S. Jena,  and K. Agarwal)
  • (2014)Open and Distance Learning: Equity and Access. Shipra Publication. New Delhi ISBN: 978-81-7541-723-6 (With Co-authors- S.S. Jena,  and K. Agarwal)
  • (2014)Quality in School Education: Issues and Concerns. Shipra Publication. New Delhi ISBN: 978-81-7541-727-4(With Co-authors- S.S. Jena,  and K. Agarwal)


  •  (2018) Gender, Skill Development and Employability: The Context of Open and Distance Learning Perspective in India. Desh Vikas. ISSN: 2394 -1782. Vol 4(4).pp 85-92
  • (2017) Accessibility and Quality Education of Persons with Disabilities in India: An Open Schooling Perspective. International Journal of Development Studies, ISSN 0975 - 5799.Vol. IX. Issue-II, July-December 2017.pp-56-61
  • (2013) Ethnic Identity, Power-dynamics and Inequity in Schooling: A SocioCultural Exploration of Schooling in a Tribal Village in India. International Journal of Development Studies and Research. Vol.2 No 2(April-June 2013).ISSN-2277-8654
  • (2013) Exploring the Education of Differently Challenged Learners through Open Schooling System in India. Asian Journal of Distance Education. The Asian Society of Open and Distance Education. ISSN 1347-9008 Asian J D E 2013 vol 11, no 1, pp 93 - 99
  • (2012) Reforming Teacher Management System in India: Voices from Within and Outside. Voices of Teachers and Teacher Educators.Volume I Issue 2 May 2012. ISSN 2455-1376 Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, New Delhi
  • (Co-author) L.D. Behera(2012). Community Participation as Enabling Dimension for Universalisation of Elementary Education: A Case Study Of Tribal Girls Of Odisha. Himalayan  Journal of Social Sciences. Volume-2. Issue-1. April 2012.ISSN-2231-6639
  • (2011) Exploring involvement of Civil Society Organization in Open Schooling in India: A Partnership Perspective for Achieving Gender Equality in School Education. COMOSA journal of Open Schooling.Vol-II, Issue-II,June-December-2011.ISSN- ISSN 0976-0407
  • (2010). Education of Scheduled Tribes in India: A Cultural and Pedagogical Inquiry. Mangalmay Journal of Education and Pedagogy. Vol-1.Issue1. ISSN 2229 - 3914
  • (2011)Parental Involvement and Elementary Education System In India: The Social Capital Perspective. Prangnya Journal of Social Sciences.Vol1.Issue2-3.ISSN-2229-48
  • (2013) "Unlocking the Potential of Open Learning: A Shared Story ofv Education with Livelihood as a Force of Change for Mainstreaming Marginalized Women" published in the abstract of 7th Pan Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning organized by Commonwealth of Learning(COL), Canada and National University of Nizeria at International Conference Centre, Abuja, Nizeria from 2nd-6th December 2013
  •  (2012) "Ritual Effect, Migration and Impoverishment of Tribes: A Socio-Cultural Mapping of Livelihood Options in an Ethnic Differentiatedv Setting in Odisha" published in the abstract of 8th International Conference of our Research Network on Regional and Local Development of Work and Labour (RLDWL)  (2011) Ethnic Identity, Power-dynamics and Inequity in Schooling: Av Socio-Cultural Exploration of Schooling in a Tribal Village in India published in the abstract of -XXXVII All India Sociological Conference organized by Indian Sociological Society held from11th to 13th December'2011
Assignments in Hand Expected date of Completion
  • Development of  CRCs/Self-Learning material in Gender Studies at Sr. Sec. level
  • Development of Video programme in Sociology(20)
  • Bifurcation of curriculum in Sociology and Introduction to Law at Sr. Sec. level
  • Development of learner guide in Sociology and Introduction to Law at Sr. Sec. level
  • Development of Videos in 7 subjects at Secondary level (Both editing and uploading) 
    • Hindi(201)
    • English(202)
    • Social Science(213)
    • Home Science(216)
    • Data Entry Operation (229)
    • Painting(225)
    • Indian Culture and Heritage(223)
  • Development of MOOCs(SWAYAM) platform in 6 subjects at Secondary with input of Sign Language Videos and MCQs in Sign Language 
    • Hindi(201)
    • English(202)
    • Social Science(213)
    • Home Science(216)
    • Data Entry Operation (229)
    • Painting(225)
  • Review and coordination of Gyanamrit Channel:30
  • Modification in the guidelines for facilitating learners with disabilities during examinations
  • Advocacy, Planning and collaborating with organisations for facilitating education of Divyanags
  • Mukta Vidyavani programme in Sociology and introduction to Law
  • Standardisation of marking scheme in Sociology and introduction to Law
  • Development of TMA in Sociology and introduction to Law

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