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Brief Profile


Dr Saumya Rajan

Designation :Assistant Director (Academic) and Regional Director, Pune (Maharashtra, Goa and Daman & Diu regions)

Department : Student Support Services

Office Phone : 020-25444667
Residence Phone : -
E-mail : rdpune[at]nios[dot]ac[dot]in,rajansaumyanios[at]gmail[dot]com,
Personal Webpage :www[dot]saumyarajanspaces[dot]blogspot[dot]com


  • Doctor of Philosophy in English Literature, University of Allahabad
  •  Master of Arts in English Literature, I Div., University of Allahabad
  •  Bachelor of Arts, I Div., Gold Medalist, J.T.G.D.C., University of Allahabad
  •  Certificate in Global Diplomacy, SOAS, University of London
  •  Certificate in Incorporating Gender Concerns in Public Policy, Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi

Areas of Interest/Specialization

Gender Concerns, Curriculum designing and its development, Advocacy of ODL and sensitization  in field, Development of MOOCs, Content designing and editing, Creative Writing, Phonetics, English Literary Theories and language, Research, Contemporary Drama and Business, Corporate, Technical Communication


  • Regional Director, National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Regional Office, Pune (for Maharashtra, Goa and Daman & Diu regions), Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. ( from 28th  June 2018 till present)
  • Academic Officer, NIOS Hq. (5.4 years)
  • Visiting Faculty- English, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, Government of India  (2 years)

Contribution to NIOS in last one year

  1. Development of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Canada sponsored Bangladesh Open University-Open School Gender Policy in May 2018
  2. Designing of Massive Open Online Course for Secondary English with delivery of 35+ video programmes
  3. Designing of Massive Open Online Course for Senior Secondary English with delivery of 35+ video programmes
  4. Development and presentation 50+ English Massive Open Online Course Videos for SWAYAM (portal of India) and SWAYAM PRABHA (DTH channels of India)
  5. Development and delivery of 48 Web Radio programmes  
  6. Visit to Washim for Aspirational Districts Programme of the Hon'ble PM
  7. Development of "Gender and Language" lesson for Gender Studies Senior Secondary course of NIOS
  8. Question bank for Evaluation and Assessment in the subject of English
  9. Development of English TMAs
  10. Standardisation of English Marking Schemes
  11. Development of Sindhi Language MoU
  12. Coordination of all Mass Communication subject work
  13. DevelopedEmployability Skills and Entrepreneurship Course Curriculum (English module)
  14. Review of Secondary English Question bank
  15. Editing of  NIOS Annual Report 2017-18
  16. Editing of 50+ NIOS documents
  17. Monitoring and direction of the work of Regional Centre, Pune
  18. Initiation of the development of Secondary and Senior Secondary Sanskrit videos for MOOC at Pune
  19. Resolution of all Absent Cases of Maharashtra and Goa during July-December 2018
  20. Conduct of ASHA Exam as Centre Superintendent in Maharashtra
  21. Conduct of DElEd exam in Maharashtra, Goa and Daman & Diu
  22. Conduct of Secondary and Senior Secondary exam in Maharashtra, Goa and Daman & Diu
  23. Conduct of PCPs, WBA and SBA of DElEd and PDPET courses in Maharashtra, Goa and Daman & Diu
  24. Conduct of PCPs, WBA and SBA of PDPET course in Maharashtra and Goa
  25. Conduct of AVI Meeting for Maharashtra, Goa and Daman & Diu
  26. Identification of 8 institutions for accreditation
  27. Accreditation of Nagpur Weavers Service Centre as AVI
  28. Moderation of ASHA Papers
  29. Moderation of Secondary and Senior Secondary English Papers
  30. Coordination of DElEd exam for Goa State
  31. Coordination of DElEd and ASHA exams
  32. Advocacy of NIOS through media in Maharashtra, Goa and Daman & Diu with regular releases and articles in Marathi and English newspapers
  33. Conduct of Orientation programmes and celebration of all days of national importance

Awards and Honors

  1. National Scholarship for the Session 1999-2000 and 2000-2001.
  2. Gold Medal in Bachelor of Arts.
  3. Central Research Scholarship during Session 2007-10.
  4. Nominated for the Aspirational Districts Programme of Hon'ble PM for Washim, Maharashtra
  5. "Scum-bags": one of the winning Entries to the British Council Inspired by Tagore International Poetry Competition 2011-12
  6. Paper presentation in the Modern Language Association Convention, USA
  7. Gold Medal awarded by Pratibhashali Plus Vidyarthi in 1999
  8. Merit Scholarship in Graduation by Bengali Social and Cultural Association, Allahabad
  9. Full Sponsorship by NIOSfor OUM International Conference, Malaysia, 2015
  10. Awarded by the All India Student Federation, U.P. in 1999
  11. Member, International Harold Pinter Society, USA
  12. Member, Modern Language Association, USA
  13. Member, Muse India, India

Publication, if any

  1. Book-New World Order Of Postmodernism In The Plays Of Harold Pinter(9781543702279), Partridge, UK, 2018
  2. Book-Common Shadows, (ISBN: 9781620300190),Guerilla Ignition, USA
  3. "A Critique of the Future of Learning- MOOCs- in Reference to NIOS and World Practices", AAOU Conference Proceedings, Malaysia, 2015
  4.  "Scum Bags" published in theBritish Council Inspired by Tagore, Sampad Publication, U.K.
  5. "Chum le Hum Aasman",Shikshayan,Ministry of Human Resource and Development Magazine,Govt. of India, Number 4, 2012.
  6. "A Sketch Of Our Global Condition: Mapping Assorted Postmodern Cultural Voices in Paulo Coelho's The Winner Stands Alone",Lapis Lazuli -An International Literary Journal/ VOL. II / ISSUE I /SPRING 2012 (ISSN 2249-4529).
  7. "Ontogeny of Postmodernism: Prospects and Concerns",Ruminations: An International Journal for Analysis and Research in Humanities and Social Sciences, VOL. 2, NO.1, 2012 (ISSN 2229 - 6751)
  8. "Ruth: Pinter's Voice of Postmodernist Politics",The Criterion: An International Journal in English, VOL. III, ISSUE II.  JUNE 2012 (ISSN 0976-8165)
  9.   "A Case Study of Learners Support Services in the NIOS", International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research (IJSER) - (ISSN 2229-5518), Volume 3, Issue 11, November 2012.
  10. "Novel Learners and Flexible Education Delivery: NIOS is the key", Open and Distance Education, Shipra Publications, New Delhi
  11. Poem published inThe Poetic Lounge,Volume Three, TPL Publications, Bronx, New York, USA(ISBN: 1475045468).
  12.  4 Poems published inMuse India, 37 Issue: May-June 2011 (ISSN: 0975-1815).
  13.  'THE LINE' published inSolstice Initiative, Ireland 2013.
  14.  Gender Workshops Report, COMOSA International Journal 2015.
  15. A poem published in e-magazineEstrade, British Council Ahmedabad,2013.


Assignments in Hand Expected date of Completion
All time-bound work of RC, Pune Round the year
Development of Secondary and Senior Secondary Sanskrit videos for MOOC at Pune February 2019
Completion of D.El.Ed course March 2019
Completion of PDPET course March 2019
Initiation of Community Health Workers Programme in Maharashtra January 2019
Initiation of Secondary and Senior Certification of ASHAs January 2019
Inspection of identified institutions for accreditation January- March 2019
Increase of NIOS access in Maharashtra, Goa and Daman & Diu Round the year
  • Advocacy of NIOS
  • Enrollment of learners on SWAYAM
  • Planning of new assignments
Round the year

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