Online Submission for Examination Centre Acceptance

This Online Examination Centre Acceptance Form is meant for Schools/AI (Study Centre) applying for Examination Centre of NIOS. Pl. read the following information & instructions before filling the form.

Information & Instructions

1. If the following is not followed then the Form will be cancelled

  • Register by giving your valid functional e-mail id and a password for the system.
  • Once registered, login with the same e-mail id and password.
  • Fill the Centre Acceptance Form with the correct and relevant information and then submit. Remember that all the fields are compulsory.
  • The successful submission of the Online Centre Acceptance Form will give you the message of successful submission with a Reference Number.
  • Click the Print button to print the filled-in Online Centre Acceptance Form.
  • Put the Signature of the Centre Superintendent and its seal at the relevant place in the printed form.
  • Get the signature and seal of the Bank at the relevant place in the form.
  • Send the form to your concerned NIOS Regional centre with the required document of copy of the affiliation of the board.


  1. The Principal of the school should act as Centre Superintendent. Deputy Superintendent may be appointed by the Centre Superintendent from the Senior most faculty member of the school, if the total number of candidates allocated is 250 or more. Only in exceptional circumstances the Vice-Principal or a PGT/Senior most regular teacher of the same school may be nominated as the Centre Superintendent by the Principal.
  2. Please give all the telephone numbers of Institution (as well as the mobile number of Principal). Please provide PP number for contact, if there is no telephone at the office/residence of the Cent. Suptd. and a convenient Fax No. in which urgent message may be faxed to you.
  3. Please ensure that an undertaking from only "Nationalized Bank" is taken for the custody of QP. Extension counters are not to be used for storage of Question Papers. If undertaking is given by any officer, other than Bank Manager, it should be countersigned by the Manager. Please ensure that the banks agree to all the conditions particularly for making standby arrangement for delivery of Question Papers in the event of Bank Holiday or some eventuality, and also to the service charges payable by NIOS. NIOS has agreement for storage of question papers with Syndicate Bank and Indian Bank. Pl. use the services of such Bank as far as possible.
  4. In case, Kendriya Vidyalaya is one of the Examination Centre, the minimum number of candidates to be accommodated in one room should not be less than 30 in each subject.

Click for October 2015 Examination Centre Acceptance Form - (Last Date for submission is 22nd July, 2015) 

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